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DJ Man Up Top 20 Albums

1. Dhol Vibes Vol 1 (Dj LiL Sandhu, JK, Miss Pooja and others...)
2. Bhangra Made Me Do It CD 1 (DJ Man Up, Miss Pooja, Amar Arshi and others...)
3. The Underground Takeover CD 1 (Dj Hpt, Dj 187, Dj Hans and others...)
4. No Competition 2 (Dj Slambassador and DJ Man Up)
5. The Wrap Up CD 1 (Dj Inderjit, Parsite Dark, Aman Mann and others...)
6. Immortal Khalsa 3 (Desi Playaaz, Sonu Ramgarhia, DJ Man Up and others...)
7. The Wrap Up CD 2 (Dj Dhol E, DJ Man Up, Dj Juggy and others...)
8. The Underground Takeover CD 2 (Dj Hpt, Dj King Brar, Da OcPz and others...)
9. Bang Bang 2 (Dj HSK, Dj Dhol E, Dj Slambassador and others...)
10. Bhangra Made Me Do It CD 2 (DJ Man Up, Jelly, Kaka Bhaniawala and others...)
11. No Competition (Various, Dj Slambassador, DJ Man Up and others...)
12. Surreys Most Wanted CD 2 (DJ Man Up)
13. The Underground Collaboration (Dj Mani B, Dj Dhol E, Desi Playaaz and others...)
14. Surreys Most Wanted CD 1 (DJ Man Up)

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