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Gur Sidhu Top 20 Albums

1. Step Up - EP (Gur Sidhu) Recommended
2. Shareek 2 (Jassa Dhillon, Gur Sidhu, Yasir Hussain and others...) Recommended
3. Love War - EP (Jassa Dhillon) Recommended
4. Majestic Lane (Gurnam Bhullar) Recommended
5. Yaar Chale Bahar (Gur Sidhu) Recommended
6. Taare (Harlal Batth and Sidhu Moose Wala) Recommended
7. Agg Att Koka Kehar (Gurnam Bhullar and Baani Sandhu) Recommended + Video
8. Nothing Like Before (Gur Sidhu) Recommended
9. Bamb Aagya (Gur Sidhu and Jasmine Sandlas) Recommended
10. Above All (Jassa Dhillon, Deepak Dhillon, Baani Sandhu and others...) Recommended
11. Yaraane (Gur Sidhu) Recommended + Video
12. Laare (Singga and Naaz Aulakh) Recommended + Video
13. Jeep (Gur Sidhu) Recommended + Video
14. Taakre (Gur Sidhu and Jassa Dhillon) Recommended
15. Zehar Lagde (Bajwa and Gur Sidhu)
16. Taara Tuttya (Gur Sidhu and Reet Narula) Recommended
17. Goli (Deepak Dhillon and Gur Sidhu) Recommended
18. Yaaran Nal De (Gur Sidhu) Recommended
19. Bell Bottom (Gur Sidhu and Baani Sandhu)
20. Above All (Gur Sidhu and Jassa Dhillon) Recommended

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