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Tegi Pannu Top 20 Albums

1. Broken Silence (Tegi Pannu)
2. Switchin Lanes - EP (Tegi Pannu) + Video
3. Disturbing the Peace (Tegi Pannu)
4. Chamikilla (Tegi Pannu)
5. Untouchable (Tegi Pannu)
6. Schedule (Tegi Pannu)
7. Meant To Be (Tegi Pannu)
8. Akh Teri (Tegi Pannu and Pav Dharia) Recommended
9. Why Why (Pavvan and Tegi Pannu) Recommended
10. Into You (Tegi Pannu)
11. Roll Deep (Tegi Pannu)
12. Fully Loaded (Tegi Pannu)
13. Shinin (Tegi Pannu)
14. Bekrariya Seh Nahi Hundia (Tegi Pannu)
15. Ishq (Tegi Pannu)
16. Deevana (Tegi Pannu) Recommended
17. Yaar Gadhwe (Tegi Pannu) Recommended
18. Whatsapp (Tegi Pannu)

Tegi Pannu Top 20 Albums Songs Download

Tegi Pannu Top Albums Songs Download

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